The South African Youth Council (SAYC) is a product of the country's history & future. Its formation in 1997 recognized both the role played by the youth in the liberation of South Africa and its contribution to the development of South Africa.

SAYC is an autonomous, non-partisan & representative body of youth in civil society, whose member organizations are drawn from different backgrounds & sectors. This makes SAYC a voluntary association of civil society youth organizations. We represent the interests of young people that are organized in a vast spectrum of involvement including but not limited to political youth organizations, faith based youth formations, student organizations, business sector (youth chambers of business), sports arts & culture formations, NGOs, voluntary and single issue based youth organizations (as illustrated in Figure 1 below).

Its diverse membership provides SAYC with a competitive advantage in serving as the "Voice of Youth", and unifying convergent views into a common agenda for youth development. SAYC also seeks to ensure participation of young people in national development initiatives aimed at young people & more broadly to contribute to the social, economic & political life of our communities & country.

SAYC, as a civil society organization and a non-governmental youth organization remains the largest youth representative in terms of its affiliates and the wide spectrum of youth these affiliates represent.


As a representative youth body, the mission of SAYC shall be:


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